2020 Honda CB1000R, color lineup, release date, price and more

 2020 Honda CB1000R, color lineup, release date, price and more

We take a look at the details about the new 2020 Honda CB1000R and its comparison with the 2019 model.

Release of CB1000R for 2020 model

Honda has set the CB1000R equipped with a high-performance, water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 998cc engine in a lightweight and compact body, with a matte pearl glare white color scheme. 

In Japan, it arrives on February 14, 2020.

CB1000R color lineup

2019 model CB1000R color

Graphite Black,Candy Chromosphere Red [Discontinued] and Sword Silver Metallic

CB1000R color of 2020 model

The first one is Japan, and the second and third are Europe [new color] graphite black [new color] candy chromosphere red [new color] matt pearl glare white All new colors. 

CB1000R price and release date for the 2020 model

  • 2019: 1.519,000 yen (1,640,520 yen including tax)
  • 2020: 1,519,000 yen (1,670,900 yen including tax)

It is the same without tax.The release date is February 14. There are many on February 14.The exciting thing is that it is a made-to-order motorcycle. That’s because of the latter half of the 2019 motorcycle.

Usually, the order-made motorcycle is in the lineup of Gold Wing.Doesn’t that mean that CB1000R comes in limited edition?We wondered if there any reason?

Summary of changes in the CB1000R for the 2020 model

  • No changes in specifications or equipment
  • Defer the price

2020 and 2019 black comparison

  • Triple clamp: Silver → Black
  • Stem: Silver → Black
  • Bar-end: Silver → Black
  • Tank end: Same Silver color as the tank
  • Headlight: Matt silver → Matt ballistic black metallic
  • Rear shock: red → black
  • Swingarm: Silver → Black
  • The stripe on top of the tank

 A stripe comes additional at the top of the tank like this.

2020 vs 2019 Red

Is the change the same as Black?

New 2021 model CB1000R

Maybe the 2021 model

There is a story that the CB1000R may undergo a minor change when conforming to EURO5, and what we currently know is that the exterior may change.

There are rumors about a full cowl model, but details are unknown details. 

Will the model change in 2020 when the information came out (April 2019)? 

But as mentioned above, the 2020 model is an only color change. So we think it’s probably a 2021 model change. It is a 2022 model at the latest, but we think that it comes as a 2021 model.

What we expect?

What we know at the moment that there are EURO5 conformance and exterior changes.If there’s a change in the exterior, it’s not just compliance with emissions regulations, but a minor change.

But do you have to change the equipment? Is there a cruise control? But it doesn’t feel like a cruise-control model. 

We think there’s no possibility of just changing the exterior and complying with emissions regulations. It is more.

Source : Honda

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