2020 Yamaha Tenere 700 rally edition is here

 2020 Yamaha Tenere 700 rally edition is here

Yamaha has released the 2020 Tenere 700 rally edition and we cant wait to see.

2020 Tenere 700 rally edition

Yes, it is different. Is it a Dakar Rally vehicle? There is XT and it looks like an XT500 from an engine perspective.

Is this probably the motif? We received a reply from Twitter, but it looks like it is the colour from the Sonneau Yamaha (Yamaha’s agency in France, now Yamaha in France).

2020 Tenere 700 rally edition equipment

The first 1983 XT600 Tenere had a motif on the official page. The seat height is 895 mm, which is 20 mm higher. 

Akrapovic slip-on. It has a removable baffle. Is it for the overseas model?

4mm thick aluminium skid plate. The toolbox can be installed as an option.

Aluminium radiator guard, aluminium chain guard, LED winker rubber grip. Like a side pad. Off-road grip. It is different from the ordinary Tenere 700. 

The handlebar is black and not silver.

2020 Tenere 700 rally edition specs

Most European pages have wrong specifications, so we went to see those countries always write correct values, but the specification table on the official page for normal Tenere and rally Tenere was the same.

At least the seat height should be stated as 895 mm, but it is still 875 mm. 

The official spec is a mystery at the moment, but the only difference is the seat height and vehicle weight.

Maybe it is 1-2kg heavier.

A comparison of the 2020 model Tenere 700 rally edition and a standard Tenere 700


  • Tenere 700: 9,147 pounds (about 1,216,500 yen)
  • Tenere 700 Rally Edition: £10,447 (about ¥1,389,400)
  • Difference: £1,300 (JPY 172,900)


STD / Rally

  • Silencer: Normal / Akrapovic Slip-on
  • Seat: Normal seat/ rally seat
  • Skid plate: Normal/ Big
  • Turn signal: Bulb/ LED
  • Handle: Silver/ Black
  • Grip: Normal/ Off-road grip
  • Chain Guard: Resin/ Aluminum
  • Side pads: N / Yes
  • Radiator guard: N / Yes

Change in appearance

  • Wheel: Blue/Gold
  • Body colour
  • Silencer intermediate pipe
  • The skid plate is huge
  • The side pads are pretty solid and cool

Accessories for the Tenere 700 rally edition available in Japan

  • LED turn signal: Here
  • Radiator guard: Here
  • Chainguard: Yes
  • Side pad: Subtle (place and shape are different, different.) (Same as overseas)
  • Akrapovic Slip-on: Almost the same, (For overseas model)
  • Rally seat: No (For Overseas model)
  • Skid plate: None (It is not for overseas model)
  • Black handle: No
  • Off-road grip: No

Most of them are available as genuine accessories overseas, however, they are not available in Japan.

We also think 2020 rally edition may not come to Japan, considering the situation of accessories attached and the rider’s position of Tenere in Japan.

However, if we think in the opposite direction it may well arrive in Japan as it gets the GT treatment. As for the other parts of the world, it may take time.

Now the important question is will it get Akra exhaust for Japan edition. Is something we are not sure.

Source: “Tenere”-Offroad Mania | Yamaha Motor Co.Ltd.

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