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Motorcycle Market Analysis

Taking a critical look at the sale of motorcycles and in one of the greatest markets; the US, one will realize that the there has been a serious drop over the years. Approximately, there has been a drop of about –53% and this is just spanning from the year 2006 to the year 2011. The […]Read More

Procedure to register motorcycle in India

What is Motorcycle Registration and its use? When we talk about Motorcycle registrations, one of the most inevitable things that comes to mind are the bike registries themselves. In the simplest of ways, one will say bike registries are databases of information pertaining to bikes as a whole. The information is unique and it helps […]Read More

Electric motorcycle sell surge in Europe, 2017

We see surge in motorcycles sold in Europe especially due to two countries France and Spain in 2017 as compared to earlier year 2016. James Bond Motorcycles Source : ACEM Cover Pic Source – Popsci COUNTRY EMC_2017 EMC_2016 EMC_2015 EMC_2014 EMC_2013 EMC_2012 EMC_2011 Austria 228 691 179 163 54 39 36 Belgium 121 102 95 […]Read More

Motorcycle Accident Analysis in India, 2017

According to the report on road accidents in India in 2017, report published by the subsection in charge of transport research, a subsidiary of the Ministry of transport and highways in India less  people have died on the highway than back in the year 2016. Definitely, the next thing that is expected are states in […]Read More

MV Agusta Brutale 800, Review

The MV Agusta is one of those rare bikes which once you set your eyes on it, looking away will be a battle of wits. Its look is so appealing that it could be bought and used just for a house ornament. These Italian giants in the motorcycle industry are so good at getting a […]Read More

MV Agusta F3 800 Gallery

We tested this 148hp, 800 CC powerhorse  on the busy streets of Pune, India.The MV Agusta F3 800 is a middleweight segment contender among sportbikes that is inspired from its bigger litre-class sibling F4. Built on built to last ALS steel tubular trellis chassis, the overall styling and design of the F3 800 is very […]Read More

Suzuki Motorcycle announced fierce 37% growth in Q1, 2018

In current year Q1,Indian subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) has touched five lakh sales for the first time ever showing fierce growth compared to competitors. Suzuki Motorcycle India sold 46147 units on domestic turf, and 5936 units in international market with combined sell of 52083 units. Harley Davidson Fat Bob […]Read More

Rebirth of Ossa Motorcycles

History The company which originally bore the name OSSA was a company that was founded in Spain in the year 1924 and its speciality was the production of movie projectors, with its target population or better still its market being centered in Spain. With the advent of the Second World War, most of its activities […]Read More

Harley Davidson sales deeps in Q1, 2018

US Motorcycle industry is still struggling to build the confidence among its customers and cope up with the changes that has brought whirlwind in motorcycle industry last year due to various reasons. The only good thing for Harley-Davidson in this news is that the American brand isn’t doing as poorly as the US motorcycle market […]Read More

James Bond Motorbikes [Infographic]

Who doesn’t know about the breathtaking scenes from James Bond franchise on motorbikes where our hero James Bond performs stunts on motorbikes with ease.In Tomorrow Never Dies where Bond steals the BMW R1200 and drives in speed chase in Vietnam.The infographic details all the motorcycles which Bond has been riding in various movies. Importance of […]Read More

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