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How Dab Motors engineer their motorcycles?

Simon Dabadie, CEO of Dab Motors is not only inspiring but creative personality. While talking to LivingWithGravity last month he said how people were sceptic and negative when he had the plan to homologate their motorcycles. The below lines from his interview describes the entire situation. “Thanks to our small size, we have more freedom; we […]Read More

Electric Concept Emula

What you are looking at is the electric Emula concept designed by a company called Zeneritlia. The reason why it is here.  In the past and the current situation, many motorcycle enthusiasts have provided feedback about electric motorcycles.  The common feedback of electric motorcycles is they are unable to give an experience like the standard motorcycle […]Read More

What to expect from 2021 Honda CB1000R?

Imagine the structure of the bike that is a part similar to the saviour of the world Optimus Prime from block bluster movie Transformers. Guess. Is there any motorcycle that comes close to it? Yes, that’s correct back in 2008 Honda had brought a bit similar motorcycle. Not entirely but bit similar. You are right […]Read More

Leaked images of fully-faired Benelli 600RR

Last week we got see the leaked images of the Benelli SRK 600 on the factory floor.However, we also see that they are not entirely ready as they lack a few components. Spy shots of SRK 600 Benelli are leaked Now we do see the leaked images of fully-faired Benelli 600RR and they suggest as […]Read More

Motorcycle registrations decline in Europe

Hit by an unprecedented decline in vehicle registrations due to COVID-19 outbreak, Europe’s motorcycle industry calls for support from the EC. Registrations Motorcycle registrations across Europe dropped steeply in March and April in comparison to the same period in 2019 as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. With dealerships closed and economies […]Read More

Will Falcon 1400 replace the current Suzuki Hayabusa?

As we look at how Suzuki Falcon started making news. The name Falcon made the headline during Jan 2019. Suzuki Falon Rendering –  Credits Young Machine Well, it’s obvious we were unsure about many things and we had many questions. Is Suzuki trying to build a new platform? Is it going to replace any other […]Read More

Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked?

Today’s question. Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked? The ideology of today’s Hypernaked is slightly different from other bikes. They are not faired. The engine is slightly tuned. The rider can sit more upright. Headlight intends to show meanness. They are fast and They may or may not come with a supercharged engine. There […]Read More

The Classic Smoke Red 1978 BMW R100S

Guru and his passion One day in December 1978 disciple of Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhury based in Los Angeles, California gifted him a hot beamer. Although Guru was an avid collector of classic cars he was unaware about riding motorcycles. Behold the Mermaid The irony was the beamer stood under the staircase of his house […]Read More

Triumph unveils limited edition Bond Edition Scrambler 1200

In December 2019, we saw Triumph Motorcycle and James Bond 007 franchise coming together. To celebrate this partnership. Triumph has now unveiled the Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition. Only 250 copies to be produced. So in a typical scenario in the upcoming James Bond movie. We will see James Bond riding notably two Triumph motorcycles, and they […]Read More

Arturo Magni Veloce 800

While MV Agusta has brought two new paint schemes for Veloce 800. Nero Carbon Met/Grigio Scuro Met.Opaco and  Rosso Ago/Argenro Ago Our designer has come up with a new paint scheme and we would like to propose something different. Idea We would like to present ” Arturo Magni Veloce 800 “ inspired by ” MV […]Read More

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