BMW Motorrad and mobility provider Cooltra join hands

 BMW Motorrad and mobility provider Cooltra join hands

BMW C evolution

Electromobility has a particular justification in heavily polluted cities and their urban surroundings.

With its electrically powered maxi-scooter BMW C evolution. BMW Motorrad was involved in pioneering work long before its competitors .Having provided electromobility in the urban context for more than five years.

Mobility provider Cooltra is now offering an innovative sharing solution. To meet inner-city electromobility requirements in Barcelona with the support of BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad has made this pilot project a reality with the support of BMW Motorrad Spain and Alphabet Spain.

Timo Resch, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing: “Our priority in terms of electromobility is still the urban context. It is here that sharing models offer enormous potential for new business segments and customers.

So I’m especially pleased that Cooltra Prime is now offering. An innovative solution to meet inner-city electromobility requirements in Barcelona with our BMW C evolution.”

The App

The Cooltra Prime app provides a sustainable, future-oriented mobility service for the Spanish city.

Cooltra Prime enables Barcelona’s residents and visitors to get around the city and its environment on the BMW C evolution. Ensuring travel that is not just emission-free but also geared entirely to users’ needs.

The Cooltra Prime app makes it simple to find, book and unlock the BMW C evolution.The scooters also offer a range of up to 100 km .Complete with insurance and helmet so that users can focus entirely on the emission-free riding experience.

The BMW C evolution for booking via the Cooltra Prime app is available at four SABA car parks in Barcelona and the airport. Customers can pick up their scooter at one of these car parks and return it to any of the designated stations.

The plan in the future is to expand this mobility service to include other essential areas of Barcelona to ensure proper connections. To Josep Tarradellas Barcelona El Prat airport as well as other key locations such as Sabadell, Terrassa and Sant Cugat.

Source : BMW Press Release

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