Classic : M V Agusta Mini Bike to be auctioned on 9th Feb

 Classic : M V Agusta Mini Bike to be auctioned on 9th Feb

M V Agusta has as of late turned out to be familiar with a few ” Limited Editions” of its valuable motorcycles, in any case, it appears, even during the 70s made a very limited editions model: talking about  MV Agusta Mini Bike Racing , a mechanized model that figured in value list offered by the Italian manufacturer in the mid – 70s .


Legend has it that in 1973 was made a one of its kind which was made smaller than expected motorcycle explicitly for the child of Phil Read, made to commend the triumph of the English best on the planet in the 500cc World Championship in the seat, truth be told, the MV Agusta .

The scaled down bike was proposed as a smaller than usual copy of the official Read 500, and has some striking subtleties, beginning from the fairing, the seat in calfskin, the half-handlebars and even the four “Tromboncini” at the back.


At the point when the pictures of this bike were spread, the general population’s advantage was overwhelming to the point that MV Agusta place it into creation for a couple of years, offering renditions with 8, 10 and 12 inch wheels , the last exceptionally uncommon.

The photograph that most inspired people in general at the time, depicted in a highly contrasting Phil Read sitting on the small bike that asked two stopping orderlies (in England) to influence it to leave without a fine.

How it was made and where?

Plan and creation of the cruiser occurred inside the Cascina Costa plant, and the main part acquired was the motor: a solitary chamber Franco Morini two-stroke 47.6 cc with a pressure proportion of 6.5: 1 and a little Dellorto carburetor. .

The greatest speed of the bike, which has a load of around 30 kg, was evaluated at 40 km/h be that as it may, as a general rule, obviously, depends a ton on the heaviness of the rider. For the smaller than normal MV a cross section outline was made of steel tubes , while the brakes were drum-type.

The fiberglass fairing is an interesting piece , outfitted with a huge Perspex windscreen, with a customary throttle hold, with double switches that control the front and back brakes.

Auction Prize

It is evaluated that MV Agusta has created just around 300 examples of this model and that, these days, relatively few have endure the years.

The bike appeared here will be sold with l on February 9th and has an expected cost of somewhere in the range of 2,000 and 3,000 euros – a genuinely sensible whole, given the surprising history of this little harbinger of the scaled down cruisers.

Pic Source : MotoIt

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