Custom : Evolution of Hades Weapon ” The Mortagua Fighter “

 Custom : Evolution of Hades Weapon ” The Mortagua Fighter “

9th in series of Mortagua Fighter this version is called “Infernal Chaos” innovated by Carlos Rodrigues from Portugal.While talking to Carlos last time the Mortagua Fighter had all-together a different attire. He started building the series from 1995 and it has come a long way.

Comparison between older and new variant of Mortagua Figther

Paint Scheme

This time it looks different and hotter, though it does have those sharp lines but the paint scheme used by Carlos is more lenient than the ealier version that looks more aggressive and powerful and it did go with the entire design of the earlier version.

The last version had two colors gold and white and thick golden lines across the white paint area that gave a light tint to the entire motorcycle. This version paint scheme is a combination of two colors gold and slight dark shade of gold with little dark color outlines wherever required.


The design looks very different as there are many changes, although there are sharp lines they don’t look as aggressive as the last version. The presence of the two front forks with heavy support looks remarkable not that the single-sided front fork in last version din’t. The headlight portion is made flat unlike it was pointed in the last version.

 The net membrane near to forks on both sides looks cool. The grip looks wooden. The rear is inspired by the tail of the fighter plane and does give good support to the rider. Both the side gets four huge bolts in silver color. As well as air passageway in the form of black round color small holes.

It’s another neat and creative build by Carlos which is more fun. What is the future build well we will have need to check from Carlos. However every build that he comes up with is entirely different and brings more innovation on the table.

Mortagua Fighter with ModelCarlos Rodrigues the Innovator of Mortagua Fighter

Source : Mortagua Fighter

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