Do we see EICMA 2020 getting postpone or cancel?

 Do we see EICMA 2020 getting postpone or cancel?

Since January 2020, Corona Virus has taken the world on its ride, by not only bringing the economy down but also by putting many lives in danger.

The virus pandemic has affected every field due to massive lockdown across various countries.

Motorcycle Events

Here we are talking about the motorcycle events that are taking place. While in India, several motorcycle manufacturers had to close down their plants.

Similarly, it has happened with other geographies as well as in Italy, Spain, the US, and more.

Few Moto GP races are also postponed due to COVID-19.

We could also see markets in other geographies being hit. Here is what the Indian market looks like.

While we could also see there are several motorcycle events in Europe getting postponed or canceled.

Crucial manufacturers like BMW Motorrad and KTM have already confirmed that they won’t take part in this year’s EICMA 2020 and Intermot 2020.

We could also see a few more motorcycle manufacturers pulling out of the EICMA 2020 and Intermot 2020.

However, we don’t see any official announcement as yet from other motorcycle manufacturers.

On the other hand, Intermot 2020 is scheduled on time from 6 to 11 October 2020. And there is no official announcement from Intermot as yet to postpone or cancel.

Last year the EICMA was grand as many motorcycle manufacturers had made their important milestones.

MIlestones of EICMA 2019

Few of them are 

So we don’t feel EICMA 2020 will get postponed or get canceled unless more manufacturers pull out of the event.

As of now, there is no official information on the EICMA 2020 getting delayed or canceled.

So let’s stay positive and hopeful for the events that are taking place in the future.

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Akash Dolas

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