Ducati V4R goes LEGO

 Ducati V4R goes LEGO

Unlike Brickman LEGO Britten V-1000.We now see Ducati V4R in LEGO Avatar.

Well, it does look like Ducati is inspired by Britten and has tied up with LEGO to build the V4R.

V4R technically is one of the most fantastic machines that Ducati has build.

  • The V4R is capable of producing 221 hp.of power and 112 Nm of torque. However, with the racing kit, the power goes up to 234 hp. Now that also makes one of the most powerful motorcycles on the planet.
  • With an incredible weight of 172kgs  and with the right amount of power to weight ratio.
  • The fact that Ducati has used some featherweight engine components like titanium connecting rods, throttle component, titanium valves, light camshafts and more has made the V4R lighter.
  • Plus the above components have also help to increase the power.
  • V4R also gets the dry clutch.
  • And it comes in Carbon Black and Red paint schemes.

It is also important to note that Dubai police gets one there fleet.

The thrill of the engine roar, the adrenaline of acceleration and the riding position in tackling curves, combined with a breath-taking design; anyone who has ever imagined riding this motorcycle symbol of Italian engineering will love building the LEGO® Technic™ Ducati Panigale V4 R set. 

It will be fantastic to discover how the innovative 2-speed gearbox, exclusive to this new LEGO reproduction, activates the V4 engine, as well as trying the creative and original front and rear suspension, to simulate a GP ride and feel like an official Ducati rider.


We have all been children fond of LEGO bricks, and I think it is easy to understand that this new licensing agreement between Ducati and the LEGO Group is like a dream come true. 

Two excellences that share the same values of dedication, passion and attention to detail come together to give life to a unique experience” said Alessandro Cicognani, Ducati Licensing Director

“Our hope is that the Ducati Panigale V4 R LEGO® Technic™ can bring together, excite and entertain children and parents, but also all the fans who ride their motorbikes every day.”

“The Ducati Panigale V4 R is such an elegant icon and a masterpiece of technology” states Aurélien Rouffiange, Senior Designer of LEGO Technic. “It was essential for me to include as many details and features as I could, to capture all the curves and the unique design of the Red icon, to create for the first time a functioning gearbox and steering as well as a V4 cylinder engine that spins.

To me riding is all about the sensation you feel in connection with the road on your motorcycle. I hope that building the LEGO TECHNIC Panigale V4R model brings you the same excitement.

Not only a play experience but also a way to learn about mechanics, power and technology. The beginning of a long journey with a lot of fun and passion.”

“Being one of the first to have built with bricks the model of an icon such as the Ducati Panigale V4 R was exciting”, stated Paolo Lazzarin, General Manager of LEGO Italia

“The set perfectly captures the spirit and design of the original, thereby transforming the concept of performance: pure adrenaline racing and full control.

This model is the brainchild of the partnership with Ducati Design Center, and I am convinced that LEGO fans of all ages will appreciate the attention-to-detail in this incredible motorcycle replica created by LEGO Technic.

Source: Ducati

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