Exhaust patents of 2021 Suzuki VStrom

 Exhaust patents of 2021 Suzuki VStrom

“Provide motorcycle exhaust systems, engine exhaust systems. And motorcycles that improve exhaust purification performance by utilizing exhaust heat.”

A patent filed on July 18, 2018.

The exhaust device 50 of the motorcycle includes upstream exhaust pipes. 53 and 54 connected to exhaust ports of the cylinder head 32 of the engine 23.

And an inflow head chamber 57 connected to ends of the upstream exhaust pipes 53 and 54. And a downstream exhaust pipe 55 connected to the outflow side of the purification chamber 56. 

Catalyst case 52 having a chamber 56 was disposed of in front of and below the cylinder head 32 and above the lower end of the crankcase 34. “

It’s a patent that uses the exhaust heat to make the catalyst warm up faster.

67 is the catalyst.

The vehicle illustration is GSR250.

Vehicle illustration is GSR250 to Moro. Although there is no silencer. From before. The big box in front of you. By the way, the current V-strom250 exhaust system looks like this. 

This patent adds a lunch box around the root of the exhaust pipe. Figure from the side. 51 is a silencer. It is a lunch box. 

Catalyst is approaching the beginning of the exhaust pipe, and a silencer has been added separately from the catalyst box. It is a double lunch box.

This is a patent, but it is probably used for the new V-strom250, GSX250R, and GSR250 series.

Why there is no silencer?

The GSR250, which was filed on July 18 above, does not have a silencer. But this is a patent filed in November 2017. GSR250 but one silencer.

See this article for details. Although it was a patent before this, it was a patent related to a silencer. 

And it may happen that the exhaust system of the GSR250 might change. 

Not only the exhaust pipe, but also the silencer will change, so I don’t think it’s a silencer or camouflage. 

However, the exhaust system of GSX250R and V-strom250 has one exhaust port. So, probably not for V-strom250 or GSX250R.

Do you prefer two vents in China, whether it’s an exhaust vent? In the first place, the GSR250 was out of two right and left, it was a big gorgeous system as a whole.

So probably the past silencer patent will be used for the new GSR250 series model. So recently, a new patent like that has been published.

Exhaust system patent for V-strom 250

“Achieve early activation of the catalyst device without increasing the cost while securing the layout flexibility.”

It is a patent filed on September 13, 2018.

An exhaust device that has an engine (1) mounted on a vehicle body. And purifies exhaust gas exhausted from a pair of exhaust ports (15L, 15R) of the engine.

Includes a pair of upstream ports through which the exhaust gas flows from the pair of exhaust ports. 

Side exhaust pipes (41L, 41R), a common catalyst device (31). Into which exhaust gas flows from outlets of a pair of upstream exhaust pipes.

And a pair of downstream devices through which the exhaust gas passing through the catalyst device is sent to the outside.


Side exhaust pipes (42L, 42R), and one upstream exhaust pipe is formed shorter than the other upstream exhaust pipe. “

Similar to the previous patent. There are two exhaust pipes coming out of the catalyst box.

It is the figure of the above engine, but it is V-strom250 because of the shape of the silencer cover.

In the exhaust device 30, the exhaust gas is purified by the primary catalyst device (catalyst device). 

31 upstream of the exhaust pipe, and the exhaust gas is further purified by the secondary catalyst device.

Main catalyst device 36 downstream of the exhaust pipe. “

The previous patent, there was only one exhaust pipe coming out of the catalyst box. And the lunch box was a silencer, but this time the 36 is the main catalyst device.

In other words, it feels like a double catalyst. It is like this type of double catalyst is not very common.

They are usually in the same lunch box, two rows vertically, or horizontally. 

By the way, this time. It looks mysterious. This is a comparative example and a subtle example.

In this case, the temperature of the catalyst is low immediately after starting. The cost increases due to the increase in required catalysts.

And the degree of freedom of layout is low, so we feel like using the above-mentioned combination type.

There are various types

According to the weight balance adjustment result due to the demand. For drivability such as vehicle body layout and straight running stability.

Upstream exhaust pipe 52R is made shorter than the upstream exhaust pipe 52L. And the primary catalyst device 51 is arranged on the right side of the vehicle body. Good. “

Type that turned left and right.

7, the primary catalyst device 61 and the second catalyst device 62 may be connected by one downstream exhaust pipe 64. 

As a result, the number of components can be reduced. The cost can be reduced, and the weight can be reduced. “One type like the previous patent.

There are GSR250, GSX250R, and V-strom250, so isn’t there such a thing for each model? What is it like?

Optimal pipe handling will be different between the full cowl and naked.

Direction is the same for the July and September patents, so this pattern probably fits EURO5.

Maybe the new GSR250 will come out, but is the name GSX-S250?

Although it is GSR250, it is an active model in China. The name is GW250. It has been improved, and there is an ABS model. It has an under the cowl. 

It is likely that the GSR250 will also undergo a model change. At the moment, there are only a few models named GSR in Taiwan scooters (GSR125). 

GSX250S is KATANA, so GSX-S250? Not GSX-S? It’s like, but the GSX-S125 is already there?

GSR250 engine is the SOHC2 valve. Since the name changes, We think that the appearance will probably change considerably. 

There is also a feeling that the appearance of the GSR250 is not very much in line with current Chinese trends.

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