Honda’s patent’s for its new CBR600RR

 Honda’s patent’s for its new CBR600RR

Providing a luggage mounting structure for saddle-ride type vehicles that makes it easier to load.  And unload luggage around the rear cowl and has a functional appearance.

A patent filed in September 2018.

“A seat 19 on which a driver sits, and a rear cowl 20 which is provided behind the seat 19 and forms a cowl interior space.

K1 which communicates with a front end opening K1a opening toward the position 19 and a rear end opening toward the rear of the vehicle. 

And article storage bag 30 that is provided to be inserted into and removable from the interior space K1 of the cowl.

The rear hood 20 is equipped with a pillar portion 25 that traverses the interior space K1 of the cowl.

The groove portion 34 is fitted into the portion 25. “

There is a hole like a rear wing or a cowl clear stream. But it is a patent that feels like attaching a removable rear bag there.

This is how the bag is attached.

Here is the tail cowl. By the way, here is the tail of YZF-R1. You use a panigare or a tail with a cavity for such rectification. Is this a wing? 

So, we feel like putting the goods storage bag 30 in the hole. This bag is a waist bag that is attached to the rider’s body.

“Running with the waist bag or the like attached to the rider’s body may hinder the rider’s freedom of riding. For this reason.

The article storage bag 30 is detached from. The rider’s body and fixed to the vehicle body (mounted).  

Is it possible? “

“The article storage bag 30 is inserted into .The rear cowl 20 from the front end opening K1a of the cowl interior space.

K1 in a predetermined direction, thereby completing the mounting on the vehicle body.”

As a result, the influence on the rider’s riding is suppressed, and the impact on the vehicle body damage. 

And the appearance is reduced as compared with the case. The luggage is mounted on the rear of seat 19. 

Or the upper surface of the rear cowl 20 using a binding device. Such as a rubber rope or a rubber net. It is easy to hold down and load and unload luggage. “

It can be fixed to the body. It’s very convenient. By the way, the figure of the state entered the rear cowl. It fits nicely. 

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