Icon Motorcycles throw new life in Tritons

 Icon Motorcycles throw new life in Tritons

Tritons are built classically by using mix and match of frames and engines. The name Triton comes from where in many dealers and custom houses combined the best elements of both the worlds.

Triumph engines stacked in Norton frames. The name comes from the first three letters of Triumph (Tri) and the last three letters of Norton (Ton) Triton, also the name of Greek God, who is also Herald of Poseidon and has his abode in Sea.

These cafe racer models do form a cult culture.

Tritons are great custom build motorcycles. Now, what Icon Motorcycles did is try to build everything by themselves, so they got Norton frames and also additionally build them.

Apart from the engine, everything was hande and to put the heart and the soul of the motorcycle. Icon Motorcycles stacked the engine from an earlier twin-cylinder, air-cooled 900cc Thruxton. The engine is capable of making 70 hp of power. That made the Tri get a full circle.

Other components that we see are lightweight wheels, calipers both at the front and rear, drilled discs. Electrical components are used from Lucas electrical; speedo style gets analog and exhausts from Dunstall.

Pricing is still under the hood, but what customer does get is beautifully handcrafted Triton Replicas. Plus, Icon is eligible to put their name on these replicas rather than the Triton.

Well, what to do we see here. The arrival of Tritons in an exotic form as these bikes get details. 

As per Pipeburn, these machines will arrive in July 2020.

Source : Pipeburn
Pictures : Icon Motorcycles Facebook

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