Indian Motorcycles introduces rear cylinder deactivation

 Indian Motorcycles introduces rear cylinder deactivation

While this technology is not new for four wheeler and has  recently been introduced in World SuperBike Championship, where manufactures deactivate the rear cylinder to improve the bike response during partial application of throttle.

This technology is been used by Indian Motorcycles in altogether different way though on which would be riding on streets.Well the main concern that riders often have is roasting there legs when engine becomes hot while riding the motorcycles,especially at traffic signals and other stops.Indian Motorcycles says introducing this technology will improve the heat consumption of the engine giving better experience to riders.

Now this technology has been introduced in Thunder Stroke engines which has motorcycles like Indian Springfield, Roadmaster, Indian Springfield Dark Horse, Indian Chief Dark Horse to name few.

As such, the 2019 bikes will deactivate the rear cylinder under very specific conditions: once the rear cylinder reaches operating temperatures, the ambient temperature exceeds 59?F, and the motorcycle is at a standstill.

Well other interesting thing is Honda uses the same technology for fuel saving in there VFR1200F motorcycle.


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