Lower displacement Harley 338 to arrive by June 2020

 Lower displacement Harley 338 to arrive by June 2020

Lower displacements are the new trend where there are many partnership are in place.


While we havnt seen any partnership from Ducati, but Ducati may not want to be left behind and is building lower displacement motorcycles.

Last June 2019, we heard about Harley venturing into the space of the lower displacement motorcycles. The press conference that took place in Qianjiang saw the timelines of Harley 338 and the new Benelli models.

Although there are strong rumors since long that Harley is going to come with lower displacement motorcycle, especially for the Asian market.

Now there is confirmation on this news as it is media. The Asian market is an enormous lower displacement motorcycle, and Harley doesn’t want to lose the pie.

This lower displacement motorcycle will be co-developed with Benelli parent company – Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited.

Harley 338cc

We also get to know that this 338 cc Harley motorcycle will be released in the Chinese market first in June 2020, and then it will proliferate to other Asian markets. 

Technical details are not yet available, whether it will be V Twin or parallel twin or single cylinder. That remains a question.

However, Benelli does have Leonico 302 para twin based on this platform. We expect Harley 338 to arrive.

In India, the Harley 338 arrives by the end of 2020. We also see new models from Benelli set to come soon, and they include the new TRK800 ADV,600N, and 600RR model with a mix of both faired and naked variants.

Source : Bikewale

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