Market Watch: Indian Motorcycle Market went down by 23%

 Market Watch: Indian Motorcycle Market went down by 23%

Indian market condition worsened in August 2019 as it went down by – 23% with 1.5 million sales. Bajaj still showed positive growth due to its recent local plant

The Q3 (July and August) sales closed at 1.5 million which meant it went down by 17.8 and 23% with Year to Date August figures at 12.666.762 units, down a huge 12.8%. 

Electric Segment

The electric segment dropped by over 40% for which the Indian government gave target to grow by 20 million units in the coming five years.

How the players are fairing?

  • Hero: Hero sold 4.5 million units but went down by 14.1% and in July and August the conditions worsened as it went down by 22.9% and 21.0%.
  • Honda: Honda went further down by 22% by selling 3.2 million units.
  • TVS: On the third place TVS sold 1.85 million units and went down by 3.6%.
  •  Bajaj Auto: With 1.76 million motorcycles sales, up 1.2%. Excluding KTM models those are manufactured and sold in India by Bajaj.
  • Suzuki: Suzuki goes up by +17.3% selling 477.334 unit sales.
  • Yamaha: goes down by -13.5% with 456.422 sales
  • Royal Enfield with 450.978 sales (-21.8%) and
  • Piaggio : with 134.812 (-3.7%).
  • BMW: shows positive growth after they came up with the local plant and has sold 3.100 units
  • Harley Davidson struggled as they lost 40.5% sales.

KTM again shows positive growth with 38.792 sales, up 29%.

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