More patent information on Suzuki’s 2021 Falcon aka GSX-R1000R

 More patent information on Suzuki’s 2021 Falcon aka GSX-R1000R

More patent information on the Falcon aka GSX-R1000R. We hadalready  published information on the patents.

Below are few new patents for GSX-R1000R.

Muffler patent for 2021 model-new GSX-R1000R

It’s a muffler with an exhaust device.

Patent for muffler like new GSX-R1000R

“The aim is to improve the noise reduction performance at low speeds.”

It is a patent filed in June 2018.

A plurality of exhaust pipes 21a to 21d connected to the exhaust port of the internal combustion engine . A collective tube 24 for collecting the majority of exhaust pipes 21a to 21d. A  joint machine 26 for connecting the collective hose 23 and the muffler 35; 

An exhaust control valve 28 attached to the conduit 26 for changing a passage area of ​​the exhaust passage .The exhaust device 20 of the motorcycle 1 .

Wherein the bypass pipe communicates an exhaust passage on an upstream side. And a downstream side of the exhaust control valve 28. 55, and the downstream end of the bypass pipe 55 joins to the joint pipe 26. “

It is a system that solves various problems with the exhaust valve. You know, at the time of the silencer.From below. It is GSX-R1000R. It looks like that, so it looks good as a patent for the new GSX-R1000R.We  feel that the exhaust is going to be quite thin.

The flow of exhaust

As shown in FIG. 3, the exhaust control valve 28 rotates around a rotation axis 29 orthogonal to the extending direction of the first joint pipe member 27a.

The rotation causes the passage area of ​​the exhaust passage to increase, and the rotation of the exhaust control valve 28 in the closing direction decreases the passage area of ​​the exhaust. 

ECU acquires vital information like engine speed and controls an actuator based on the received data to thereby control the exhaust control valve 28. 

  • At low speed: The exhaust valve closes — black arrow.
  • High-speed running: Open the exhaust valve — white arrow. Straight exhaust.

There are quite a few silencers with exhaust valves recently, but I don’t see many types with 55 bypass pipes. Or rather like never seen.

Did you have such a patent before?

“It is an object of the present invention to provide a vehicle exhaust device that can improve output characteristics at the time of high engine rotation and can secure a bank angle of the vehicle.”

A patent filed in November 2017. Yeah, GSX-R1000R. For this reason, the previous license was a type that changed the exhaust path with an exhaust valve. It’s almost the same in terms of structure, but it’s a different route and things like that.

Which one will be adopted?

If you think about it usually, there is a high possibility that a new one will be selected. So we believe that the silencer with this joint pipe will probably come in use.

In the first place, it is mysterious whether the exhaust valve of the muffler comes in the new model. However, since the patent for the muffler with the exhaust valve is also present in the GSX-R1000R diagram.

We think the possibility of adoption is high. By the way, the current model has an exhaust valve on the exhaust pipe. There is no silencer.

Which way do you make the exhaust valve? Or maybe just a muffler? By the way, the person who overlaid the patent figure and the GSX-R1000R figure. Although the design of the patent is quite inspiring, the muffler is slightly smaller. 

We also think that the 2021 model is the timing of the license. Do the variable valve mechanism and exhaust system change ? 


Source : Google Patents

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