News : AP Honda unveils all new CBR 150R in Thailand

 News : AP Honda unveils all new CBR 150R in Thailand

AP Honda Thailand yesterday unveiled most awaited new Honda CBR150R. All New CBR150R, this time is an entirely different upheaval under the idea The One Reborn. New conceived … Energized at the primary spot with 3 key features:

Structure another edge to make the energetic sitting style look cool and one of a kind for you, with the front safeguard out of the blue change in a games vehicle 150 cc.There are 2 designs, namely the Thai racing team’s graphic design style that goes to show off overseas performances. AP Honda Racing team Thailand and the other teams of the world class racing team.

Complete vehicle extras for current coolness and for the security of the super games vehicle style.

The principal highlight is the forceful game pushed from the new motor, appraised 150 cc. DOHC 4 water cooled valves. Best on the planet breed Strength from Moto GP Race Track RC213V Molybdenum Coated Piston Helps diminish rubbing

The motor is running at full power. Free camshaft partition configuration causing the flash attachment position amidst the burning chamber allowing the start to work productively While the new crankshaft expands the stroke Affects great torque from low to high cycle .

The increasing speed rate reacts to amazing driving, fun rides, fun rides with 6-speed gear, enabling you to press the solidarity to be fulfilled at each speed.

The second element is the plan of the solidarity between the vehicle and the driver. With another edge structure Is a round-weave outline steel material strong and lightweight give the driver another stance with a low seat, tolerating the situation of the handlebars and legs, in this way changing over the streamlined rule.

Get a cool look in an unadulterated games vehicle style. Plan for restricted turning corners .For portability in urban communities that attention on driving in thin spaces comfortable, not weariness And new … first of a scope of 150 cc with front suspension customizable preload it with back suspension with Pro-Link flexible preload has 5 dimensions of a similar innovation as the suspension of dashing Moto GP.

To ingest stun that is appropriate for the driver’s weight and driving qualities Giving just your novel For heading to control the vehicle with greatest proficiency both straight and bended.

Third feature is a full scope of too energetic style vehicle embellishments, for example, two fold headlights, LED snake, forceful models. The CBR sports vehicle style is obviously noticeable in each stage, with the remarkable LED lighting framework, both particular and all the more plainly unmistakable.

Huge 12 liter oil tank, new plan, super games vehicle style Designed to have arch and ergonomics for the driver Keep the sitting position solidly joined to the vehicle body. Fun driving in each style miles with advanced frameworks with motor speedometer engine temperature cautioning light gear marker light odo meter framework demonstrates the exact travel remove for both An and B trips and computes fuel utilization rates for each excursion progressively important.

Extraordinary with the program blazing sign framework (ESS), a similar framework as in the vehicle and the premium enormous bike. Give greatest certainty the front and back lights will streak quickly when the brakes are utilized to lessen the speed all of a sudden (just ABS models).

Pair back seats Seat gives solace to both driver and stacker. With the lash on the rearward sitting arrangement to enable the stacker to hold New structure exhaust Enhance the energetic look with Kevlar Pattern Protectors.

The bike is priced at 99,000 Baht in Thailand.

Source : Honda Source

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