News : Buell enters electric motorcycle market with two models Flow and Fluid

 News : Buell enters electric motorcycle market with two models Flow and Fluid

After lot of rumors and we get to see to two electric motorcycle models from Buell Motorcyles Flow and Fluid as Buell enters into electric motorcycle market with competitive pricing (starting from $3,295 for Fluid and $10,995 for Flow).


An electric bike accessible and has following specs

  • 11kW (125cc identical) or 35kW (bike permit) variants,
  • Joins pragmatic viewpoints for the urban adventure (incorporated with 50 liter/13 gallon inner capacity),
  • Mechanical advancements (exclusive wheel-motor(1), associated dashboard) and unparalleled driving joy on account of its increasing speed and low focal point of gravity.


A hearty and exquisite electric bicycle.

  • With extraordinary range (up to 125 miles on account of its 2 removable batteries
  • With a sum of 1,000Wh) and liberal torque (100Nm), for all intents and purposes support free with its carbon belt and inward center apparatuses.
  • Liquid is offered as a Pedelec (max 20mph) or S-Pedelec (max 28mph).

Vision : FUELL is all about creating emotion and freedom through innovation. It’s our obsession, our mantra.
We designed our e-vehicles with you in mind – you, city lovers.You who want something different, who love innovation, who always update and upgrade, and can’t understand why the future is not now.


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