News : Story of new Suzuki GSXR – 250

 News : Story of new Suzuki GSXR – 250

The story of Suzuki GSXR – 250 is got to know that development has already started and it will freeze as of June 2019.Suzuki had filed patent in May 2018. Suzuki will probably unveil the bike in late 2019.

Apart from that it will be manufactured in Thailand first and then in Indonesia.For Indonesian market 300 cc model will be available which is also the global model.

Specs will have new DOHC water-cooled parallel 2-cylinder, no throttle by wire, downdraft intake, also it will get diamond frame, swing arm is typical. The metal used is still unknown whether it is aluminium or steel.But it does look like steel.

Inverted front fork, radial mount caliper. Low handle, possibility of getting LED lights, slim and compact structure of the bike.Front end gets built in blinker.

For now this is the information that i have.


Akash Dolas

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