News: Top 10 Radical Concepts and Bikes

 News: Top 10 Radical Concepts and Bikes

Here are our top 10 radical bikes. While there could be many we have limited the no to 10. We have also taken into consideration those radical concepts that may or not may not come into production but they are radical concerning technology or structure.

Also, we have not put any criteria to these bikes the only criteria we have put is the vision by which these concepts/motorcycles have been built and i.e Radical Vision.

Let us go vice versa from Bottom to Top.

10. PGMV8

What will you say when the bike has 8 cylinders, 2.0 liters that is capable to produce 334hp and 242kgs.
Meet the Australian mayhem PGMV8Well, to get PGMV8 you will have to shell out $180,000 AUS.


9.Yamaha Motoroid

This Proof of Concept was unveiled in 2017 Tokyo Motor Show by Yamaha surely had many eyes turned on it.
This idea was derived from animals like Horse, Antelope, Dog, and Puma.

Another vision was to create a Concept that had animal instincts rather than integrating the only functionality into it. This concept was built with next-generation tech and had a gesture sensor that allowed close communication between humans and machines.

Apart from this it also had AI-governed image recognition. Question is Will Yamaha bring this concept in reality?. We are waiting.


8.Kawasaki Concept J

43rd Tokyo Motor Show saw something radical from Kawasaki Heavy Industries. While it has riding modes like Comfort and Sport that allowed the rider to ride under different aspects but the entire design of this concept was unique.

It also has a radical way to store large amounts of electricity via GIGACELL, a high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery that is built inhouse by Kawasaki. Again the question is do we see this mobility of future in production?

7. Moto Terminator by Ducati

Imagine something like this followed you on Highway. Yes, this exactly did happen in the movie ‘ Terminator Salvation‘ with speed, agility, and weapons.

The design was brought live by two designers Martin Laing and Victor Martinez on the frame of 2009 Ducati Monster 1100 S without taking any help from computer-aided CGI and that is one of the cool features of this bike while building it.

The rest is history.

6. 420 RR by Marine Turbine

420 HP @ 52,000-rpm generates by Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series Gas Turbine. Do we have to say anything more and Yes this is street-legal but definitely not for the weak heart.

5. Britten V1000

When the rest of the world was not aware of carbon fiber John Britten made sure that he had a bike made with carbon fiber called V1000. 138 kgs generating 166 HP @ 11,800 rpm. This surely is one of the best bikes made to date.

4. BMW Vision DC Roadster

In July 2019 BMW unveiled DC Roadster a vision that allowed everyone to think on how motorcycles will look in the future.

  • This was also an answer to BMWs question what would happen if BMW were to replace the boxer engine with an electric motor and the required battery? And how will the entire package look like?
  • The electric motor is very compact to make the entire structure of the bike sleek and compact.

We believe we will see this concept in the upcoming EICMA.

3. Apocalyotic Bike 

This man from Russia had built a massive bike with Lexus V8 engine on it making it tuned to 300 hp.Now, what do we say?

2. BirdCage by Revival Cycles

Alan Stulberg and his team created this incredible Birdcage that falls under the category of Land Speed Racing. The output comes from 134 parts and 9-millimeter titanium rods that Stulberg and the team had used.

All the control elements, like the handlebar, footrests, gear and brake levers, as well as the seat, are shaped and finished by hand at Revival Cycles.

1.Electric Racer-X by Mark Atkinson

Mark has applied his futuristic vision to this bike which is called “Racer – X”.It was on display at Electric Revolution at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

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