News : Will Honda use aluminium components on its new CB1000R?

 News : Will Honda use aluminium components on its new CB1000R?

From the Honda’s website you will come to know that the new CB1000R is custom order car.The models currently being made to order at Honda are the CBR 1000 RR, Gold Wing, African Twin, and PCX Hybrid (regardless from the beginning as they are made to order). 

For every model, there is a rumor of model change in 2020 model. Will the CB1000R also be remodeled when it arrives? It feels like that.Chances of changes in exterior are also high plus it will be aligned with the Euro 5 norms. The current version of CB1000R has lot of aluminium parts on it.Probably in coming version Honda may use less aluminum parts.

It is a mystery whether there will be change in the design itself or whether Honda will use aluminum parts or plastic parts a, but I think it is probably the former. 

It is a mystery about the model change time, but it is the timing of EURO 5 fit, so is it a 2020 model or a 2021 model? 

As it is made-to-order production , the possibility of the 2020 model seems high? 

But there are several other models with rumors of a model change in the 2020 model, but as it is not made to order at present.

Source : Honda

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Akash Dolas

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