News : Yamaha Niken GT receives updates

 News : Yamaha Niken GT receives updates

Yamaha (Niken), which recently showed up in 2018 a year ago. The mix of LMW  innovation that Yamaha has grown freely and water-cooled 4-stroke in-line 3-barrel DOHC 4-valve 845 cc motor sold in MT-09 joins abnormal state cornering execution and long-remove cruising execution with 3-wheel It’s a hot model.

The propelled determination “Niken GT” which brought the solace up in the visiting more as the 2020 model of the Yamaha Niken shows up. A huge high screen, hold hotter, extraordinary thick sheet, 12V DC jack (meter side and under seat), focus stand, and so on are prepared as standard.

  • Large high-screen: Wind protection effect 
  • Grip warmer: comfortable travel on cold days 
  • Special thickness sheet: Increase thickness, reduce fatigue during touring 
  • New shape Grab bar: Consider installation of top case (sold separately) 
  • 12 V DC jack (lower left side of seat) 
  • Center stand

Gets new color Matt Dark Purplish Blue Metallic and Blueish Gray Solid,. Niken GT is priced in Japan 4.1,944,000 yen ( including 8% consumption tax) ( Unit price 1,800,000 yen) Made to order at a NIKEN dealer: March 13, 2019 Start reservation


Source : Yamaha

Akash Dolas

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