Patent similar to Yamaha’s E02 electric scooter.

 Patent similar to Yamaha’s E02 electric scooter.
Patent for Yamaha’s new electric motorcycle

“We propose a straddle-type electric vehicle that can reduce the workload required for battery attachment/detachment and ensure the freedom of layout of parts and devices.”

The patent is filed in November 2018.

The electric vehicle 1 has a first accommodation space N1 that is formed below the seat 6 and in which the first battery 50A is disposed of.

The first battery 50A is located relative to the first accommodation space N1. The size D1 of the first battery 50A in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle body is smaller than the size D2 of the first battery 50A in the vertical direction of the vehicle body, and it is smaller than the size D3 of the first battery 50A in the left-right direction of the vehicle body. “

It’s a patent for storing electric bike batteries and 50A and 50B are batteries. 

There are two batteries. One is a reserve.

As shown in FIG. 1, the electric vehicle 1 has a battery 50A that stores electric power to be supplied to the electric motor 4a. 

The battery 50A is arranged below the seat 6 and supplied to the electric motor 4a. The electric motor 1 is electrically connected to a motor control device (specifically, an inverter, not shown) for controlling the electric vehicle 1. 

In the electric vehicle 1, a battery 50B is arranged behind the battery 50A. It is a spare battery that is not connected to the device and is used in place of the battery 50A when the battery 50A runs out.

Note that the electric vehicle 1 does not necessarily have to have the battery 50B. In another example, the battery 50B is connected to the motor control device and used to drive the rear wheels 3 like the battery 50A. 

50A is the main battery and 50B is like a spare battery. The battery can be charged directly.

  • 54: Power supply connector (the part that connects to the vehicle body).
  • 57: Power receiving connector (the charge from here).
  • 56: Indicator (the one who knows the charging status).

It is not a battery from Gogoro, nor it is a general-purpose battery from Honda.
It looks like Yamaha’s own standard.

No chain type. Is it an in-wheel motor?

The electric motor 4a is, for example, built in the drive unit case 4. The arrangement of the electric motor 4a is not limited to the example of the electric vehicle 1. 

For example, the electric motor 4a may be fixed to the vehicle body frame 20. Also, the electric motor 4a may be provided on the front wheel 2. “

It is an in-wheel motor for illustration and explanation

Battery Type

A type that thrusts the battery from the side like this. What will happen to the cowl? Pay attention to the position of the handle 53. Right now. 

Tuck it in from the side, rotate it, and fit it vertically. Wow, great. It’s easy to understand because the handle 53 was on the top, but when it’s stowed it comes to the side. 

There are various advantages such as reducing the load of battery attachment and detachment work, mounting a second battery in space by downsizing the battery, simplifying the structure of the car body, ensuring the flexibility of the frame structure.

In the patent for the new electric scooter scheduled to be announced in 2020

Vehicle illustration is JOG i125 from Yamaha China

We have also observed the JOG i125 from China and the drawing of the patent does look like a near match to the scooter.

Yamaha plans to announce electric scooter in 2020

The electric scooter E02 displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. We expect the official announcement may take place by end of 2020.

So the question that still remains is this the patent for the E02 commercial model?

Electric bikes will share more platforms than internal combustion engines and will probably be used in many models. 

However, E02 doesn’t open sideways. And how about the cost of opening it sideways? 

Yamaha’s original battery, a concept model that gets an opening from the side is still not announced, but the idea of ​​this patent is concrete. 

In 2019, it was said that Yamaha’s electric scooter will be announced in 2020, so we feel something should be concrete in the coming few months.

Source: Google Patents

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