Suzuki files patent for Intruder 250

 Suzuki files patent for Intruder 250

Suzuki has filed a patent and we think it’s for the Intruder 250 with an oil-cooled engine of the Jixar 250 series.

Suzuki exhaust system patent

“To improve assembly and appearance.”

The patent is filed in November 2018.

The muffler cover (15) is a muffler cover that covers the muffler body (14) arranged on the side of the rear wheel (10) and includes a side cover (22) that covers both sides of the muffler body and a muffler body. 

A tail cover (23) covering the rear is provided. The tail cover is tightened from the inside of the side cover to the side cover. The side cover is tightened from the muffler body side to the muffler body.”

It is a patent for the exhaust and its cover. 18 is a catalyst. 

Patent for Intruder 250

Here is a diagram of the patented vehicle. Intruder 150 from Suzuki India. It is a cruiser equipped with an air-cooled single-cylinder engine. The Intruder 150 was announced in November 2017.

The patent was filed in November 2018. So this patent is not a patent for Intruder 150. The look and structure of the cover are different.

Compare the patent drawing with the Intruder 150 or the Zixar 250

Here is a comparison GIF image of the patent figure and the Intruder 150.

  • The exhaust system is different.
  • Step position is different.
  • It has an under the cowl.
  • Engine shapes do not match.
  • Presence of backrest.

GIF image compares the previous Intruder 150 which isn’t BS6

  • The exhaust system is different
  • Step positions match
  • Both under cowls are attached, but the shape is different (rear part)
  • Engine shapes do not match

The shape of the engines doesn’t match, but they look the same when viewed from different angles. 

Often, the parts that do not matter in the patent as they are sketched in a much-simplified manner.

So we think that the engine diagram is based on 150. Then, the figure of the Zixar 250 and the patent is overlaid. The engine shape here doesn’t match. 

It looks like the parts other than the exhaust system (the part that doesn’t matter for a patent) are drawn with the Intruder 150 base. A system that draws only important points.

The exhaust pipe is closer to the Zixar 250

We are wondering about the exhaust pipe. It is from Zixar 150. The official image is difficult to understand, but the impression is not undulating. This is the Zixar 250. 

 Although it is a patent drawing, the root shape of the exhaust pipe is quite similar to the Zixar 250 series.

 It is also a type of exhaust system that has boxer attached to the 250 Series. The patent figure is without the lunch box. So the shape of the root is different. The figures this time are similar, but they don’t match.

The appearance will change

The figure of the car body is pretty good, but the figure of the exhaust system is sleek.  

The recesses in the chamber and the fittings are also drawn carefully. These parts of the cover are also detailed. So, we think it will be used as it is for commercial models.

Perhaps the design of the main unit will also change? If the headlight of the Zixar 250 is can also be used for the Intruder.

The Intruder 150 made its debut in November 2017, but probably the new Intruder 250 will be announced in the latter half of 2020 or later, so the new model will arrive after three years.

India is popular for motorcycles. Probably the 150 and 250 will have the same visual appearance.

Will the 150 model change at the same time while the 250 is announced? 

The question that we have here is. If 150 has the same engine or the exhaust system, there seems to be no problem even if you change other parts? 

It is baffling. Also, we don’t think there is a specific story in particular, on the flip side, we think the possibility of the Intruder 250 is high based on the time of patent application, and the diagram of the patent.

Isn’t it a patent for BS6 Intruder 150? 

Since there is BS6 (equivalent to EURO5) in India, isn’t it a patent for the Intruder 150 that conforms to BS6? We are sure some people may think.

Source: Intruder BS6 compliant Intruder 150 is announced. 

As far as you can see from the image on the official page, right from the start, the exhaust system remains unchanged. In other words, it looks like the patent does not exist even for the BS6 Intruder 150. 

And the Intruder 150 is a type of exhaust system with a lunch box, but the patented exhaust system seems to be a type that comes with a silencer main without a lunch box.

The Intruder 150 is not present in Japan, but the Intruder 250 has a great demand. However, it won’t be difficult to introduce it in Japan in terms of exhaust gas regulations.

The Rebel 250 sells well in Japan, and we think it’s a good choice for a 250 cruiser.

Source: Google Patents

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