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Triumph starts deliveries for its new Rocket 3 in India

Triumph has revealed the price of its new Rocket 3 variants, the 3R and GT. Below are the prices for the US and UK. The 3R comes at $21,900 (£19,500.00) and GT comes at $22, 600 (£20,200.00) The prices were kept under the hood back when Triumph had unveiled it in July 2019. Now the […]Read More

Honda unveils 2020 CBR250RR gets the quick-shifter and other goodies

Since last year we have been continuously talking on Honda’s new bike CBR250RR. In September last year, we mentioned about the oil pan patent. The objective of this patent is to reduce engine heat.The oil pan structure of the internal combustion engine according to the present invention is an oil pan structure of the internal combustion […]Read More

Do we see naked Kawasaki ZX-25R?

Teasers  A day before Christmas, Kawasaki published its much-acclaimed exhaust note of ZX-25R. Exhaust note does scream like a standard inline 4 livery. However, we also observed that the sound of this exhaust note is a bit compressed. We think it is because it must align with the lower displacement engine and the entire package. Now, […]Read More

Qooder to bring new hydraulic tilt system vehicle

Quadro Vehicles has revealed the brand new eQooder in March 2019.First and only commuter in the world with four tilting wheels and zero-emission. Founded in 2010, Quadro Vehicles is in Vacallo, Switzerland. Company develops compact three and four-wheel vehicles for contemporary urban mobility. Now Qooder plans to bring a model called ” XQOODER ” that is […]Read More

Laverda SFC 1000 to go under the hammer

Born in 1873, Laverda was one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers until its operations ceased in 2006. One of the most elegant  and iconic models that arrived from the house of Laverda was SFC 1000. Laverda SFC 1000 Laverda SFC 1000 reigned the 80s with its powerful three-cylinder 90 hp of power that made […]Read More

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