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Electric Concept Emula

What you are looking at is the electric Emula concept designed by a company called Zeneritlia. The reason why it is here.  In the past and the current situation, many motorcycle enthusiasts have provided feedback about electric motorcycles.  The common feedback of electric motorcycles is they are unable to give an experience like the standard motorcycle […]Read More

BMW “R18” will world premiere in April 2020

BMW Motorrad of the motorcycle division of BMW (BMW Motorrad) announced on March 9 that the new cruiser bike BMW “R18” will be world premiere on April 3. The R18 is a commercial version of the concept bike, a concept bike announced by BMW Motorrad in May 2019. The Concept R18 was a custom bike […]Read More

How to design a motorcycle on the mobile phone?

Wagner Pozebon is not new on the Behance scene, and his ideas and concepts revolve around the Shoes, Skateboards, Mixer Grinder, and more. Wagner’s Art In his various drawings that caught our eye, is motorcycle design that is made on the Asus Zenfone 5 and made with the help of Adobe Illustrator Draw. On the other […]Read More

Is Harley Davidson building an electric scooter?

Concept Teased in Jan 2019, the Harley electric concept. Out of two, one of the ideas was the electric Scooter concept. The objective of these lightweight electric ideas is for an urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the aim of no bike permit required to work. […]Read More

The man behind the Brush Monkey

We take a look at the man behind the name brush_monkey. Profile His name is Pranjal Das. He is 25, a graduate of NID Ahmedabad, furniture design by discipline, and is always into motorcycles.  He started his professional career at Honda R&D, India. Worked for 2.5 years there as a two-wheeler designer and recently moved […]Read More

EV Concept ” Honda CX500 ” by Fabian Brees

It isn’t the first time that we are talking about Fabian. In March 2019, Fabian came up with an exciting design called Pelikan. In recent designs, we are seeing many designers adopted the “Biomimicry. “It is something that imitates systems, models, and other components of nature like animals, birds. Yamaha has used in there latest […]Read More

Electric Ducati 000 concept by Emre K Sagiroglu

Technavio, the leading market analyst, predicts the rise in the electric motorcycle market trend. Global high-performance electric motorcycle market has the potential to grow by 28,123 units during 2020-2024.  Good part is that this doesn’t stop designers to sketch their concepts. Be it a car or a motorcycle.We have once such a concept that talks […]Read More

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