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The successor models of CRF250L and CRF250Rally may arrive by

Honda discontinues the CRF150 L and CRF250 Rally Not long ago CRF250L and CRF250 RALLY were discontinued by Honda. However, the good part is we know there are successor models in place. In Japan, the Euro 5 norms vehicles won’t be equivalent till 2022 November and the CRF250L and CRF250RALLY will correspond to it. That […]Read More

What to expect from 2021 Honda CB1000R?

Imagine the structure of the bike that is a part similar to the saviour of the world Optimus Prime from block bluster movie Transformers. Guess. Is there any motorcycle that comes close to it? Yes, that’s correct back in 2008 Honda had brought a bit similar motorcycle. Not entirely but bit similar. You are right […]Read More

Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked?

Today’s question. Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked? The ideology of today’s Hypernaked is slightly different from other bikes. They are not faired. The engine is slightly tuned. The rider can sit more upright. Headlight intends to show meanness. They are fast and They may or may not come with a supercharged engine. There […]Read More

Production delays for Honda’s upcoming CBR250RR

Honda has already released a few pictures of its upcoming aggressive-looking CBR250RR and it may well get 41 PS of power. In Japan, the release date of the new CBR250RR is in July 2020. However, for Honda, the deadlines are not going as per plan and it looks like there is a delay of several months in […]Read More

Honda CBR1000RR-R gets a recall in Europe

The new Blade CBR1000RR-R comes under scanner due to the connecting rods issue. The rods are made with T64A Titanium with DLC coated heads. With this issue, 300 units from the European Market will get affected and are likely to be recalled. However, to date, there was no recall or problem with the new Honda […]Read More

Upcoming Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is officially delayed

Officially announced a delay in the production of CT125 Hunter Cub “We announced on March 20, 2020, and are planning to release it on June 26. We have received a lot of reservations from a large number of customers for the new two-motorized model” CT125 Hunter Cub “. The production of “CT125 / Hunter Cub” […]Read More

2020 Honda CBR400R and 400X

Release date/announcement date of the 2020 model CBR400R Announce date: June 26. Release date: July 31. It will be announced next month. 2020 model CBR400R price ¥ 735,000 excluding tax. The price is deferred. The colour lineup of the 2020 model CBR400R [Continued] Grand Prix Red. [Continued] Pearl glare white. [Continued] Matt Axis Gray Metallic. […]Read More

Honda’s 2021 CBR600RR patent information

Honda has filed multiple patents for its upcoming CBR600RR.  Exhaust gas value remains unchanged for the 2019 model Here are the 2018 CARB documents for a 2019 model.  Exhaust gas values ​​are the same. So there is no change except the colour. Therefore the 2019 model remains the same in the US. Here are a […]Read More

Honda officially announce a delay for CBR1000RR-R and CBR1000RR-R SP

Honda officially announce a delay for CBR1000RR-R and CBR1000RR-R SP. Since last few days, we have been continuously updating you regarding the situation on the production prospects of CBR1000RR-R and CBR1000RR-R SP. Earlier we said due to COVID-19 the production prospects of both CBR1000RR-R and CBR1000RR-R SP may get delayed. Now Honda has officially announced […]Read More

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