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Honda’s patent’s for its new CBR600RR

Providing a luggage mounting structure for saddle-ride type vehicles that makes it easier to load.  And unload luggage around the rear cowl and has a functional appearance. A patent filed in September 2018. “A seat 19 on which a driver sits, and a rear cowl 20 which is provided behind the seat 19 and forms […]Read More

More information on the delivery dates of Honda CBR1000RR-R SP

It all started back in October 2019 when we predicated the new CBR1000RR-R and what all new goodies the CBR1000RR-R may get. CBR1000RR-R Goodies It looks like Honda won’t stop amazing us from the launch of its upcoming CBR1000RR-R Patent for 2020 model-new CBR1000RR-R like fixed-wing, quick adjustable shifter, and electronically controlled suspension system. The patent was filed […]Read More

What to expect from Honda’s virtual motorcycle show?

Honda has actually created a booth and released a video showing it. Other content will be released later. For now, this is just this video. Some content is postponed. You will need to wait until March 30. 【お詫び】本日12:00にWEBサイトおよびブースレポート映像の公開を致しました「Hondaバーチャルモーターショー」について、諸般の事情により、本日予定していた一部コンテンツの公開を延期させて頂くこととなりました。楽しみにして頂いている皆様に深くお詫び申し上げます。https://t.co/P2XhucbDCp — Honda Bike (ホンダ バイク) (@HondaBike_hmj) March 27, 2020 The world premiere of CB-F concept コンセプトモデル「 CBーF コンセプト […]Read More

Honda brings the CB-F Concept

On March 27, Honda unveiled the world’s first publicly available concept model “CB-F concept” .On the homepage on March 27 at the Osaka / Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2020. Honda announced on the website “ Honda Virtual Motorcycle Show ” the “ Honda Booth ” and “ Dream Network Booth ” . コンセプトモデル「 CBーF コンセプト 」を […]Read More

Honda CBR1000RR-R SP2 will not arrive in 2020

Development in progress A few days ago, we were talking about the new Honda CBR1000RR-R SP2.And we did say that the SP2 may not arrive this year. There were rumors of a model equivalent to SP2. Most of the race-based bikes align with the highest model.But this race-based bike aligns with the SP version. So […]Read More

Honda unveils 2020 CBR250RR with 41 Ps of power

We have been continuously updating you about the new Honda CBR250RR. 2020 CBR250RR what does it get? Last we heard was CBR250RR not getting quick shifter. We have also been saying that CBR250RR may get inline-four as it competed with Kawasaki ZX-25R. However, the rumors are wrong, and the new CBR250RR comes with two cylinders. With the advent of […]Read More

Honda ends production of CBR250R in India

CBR250R production ended in India CBR250R production discontinued in India at the end of March 2020 Not compatible with BS6 (equivalent to EURO5) Currently unable to place orders, only stock bikes are sold The CBR250R was once discontinued in India in 2017 and has undergone a model change in 2018 to meet emission regulations There […]Read More

Expect the upcoming Honda Grom to be remodeled

Further to our article in Dec 2019, we now feel that Grom will undergo a complete model change. With patents already in place. Grom looks like a model change. Acquaintance information Grom seems to be remodeling Unknown time Maybe not this year? Dealer information We heard Honda will remodel the Grom and make a model change. […]Read More

Part 1 – Do we see Scrambler from Honda?

There is a story that Honda may bring scrambler soon. The engine is 750cc, like NC750. Well, what makes the story so strong is the patents filed by Honda in March 2018. Patents related to placing a riders foot on a frame that consists of body frame, a brake pedal plus a master cylinder, and provides […]Read More

Will the CRF800L Africa Twin, Naked, Classic derive from the

There is a strong possibility that the NC system to undergo a model change, so it is to be relevant. More information about Middle Africa Twin  Expected release time: Fall 2020 (Milan Show) Expected release time: From early 2021. In the figure, the body and engine look like an African twin base. NC750S-based 790cc engine […]Read More

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