Yamaha brings 2020 BW125

 Yamaha brings 2020 BW125

Release of the 2020 model BW’S125

“Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has changed the coloring of the BW’S125 moped two-type scooter with air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 4-valve, 124cm3 engine to 4 .It will be released on March 25. “

BW’S125 color lineup

2018 model BW’S125 color lineup

[Discontinued] Matt Titanium 1 [Continued] Vivid Yellow Solid 2

2020 model BW’S125 color lineup

[New color] Dark blueish gray stable C [Continuation] Vivid yellow solid 2

2020 model BW’S125 price

  • 2018: 305,000 yen
  • 2020: 305,000 yen

The price is unchanged

Summary of changes made to the 2020 model BW’S125

  • No changes in specifications or equipment
  • The price is unchanged.

By the way, model change in Taiwan was back in July 2018. The headlight is the same as the current meter . And the cover on the new light and the new taillight is very cool. Model change to be understandable.

Why did Japan stay that way despite the model change in 2018? ?

Since the Cygnus X is based on the 2021 model will be FMC

It is BW’S125, but it is almost the same as Cygnus X.

Base Cygnus X may arrive in a new avatar soon. The engine is an NMAX water-cooled engine. Probably a 2021 model.

We think that Cygnus X will be remodeled in 2021 or may get an entirely new model.

So the question here is, will the BW end production with the current model.

There is less expectation about the current BW model arriving in Japan. Even if the BW’s are updated to water cool.

Source:  moped two or scooter adopted a new color the launch-gray emphasizes the crossover taste of “BW’S125” – – public relations presentation materials | Yamaha Motor release hereClick here for the official page.

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