News : Dawn of Da Vinci’s Ducati V4

 News : Dawn of Da Vinci’s Ducati V4

Art is never finished, only abandoned. 
 – Leonardo Da Vinci

Every beginning takes days, years and centuries to evolve. 1452 with the birth of  ” Universal Genius “ we started taking steps towards modern technological thinking . His work not only expressed vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) abilities but also anatomical studies of human organs.

A truly accomplished genius his mind was never ideal, stacked with technological brilliance and ideas that touched upon various facets of life.

As we move ahead  we also need to rewind our clock and go back in time when Leonardo Da Vinci was present accompanied by one of the most artistic motorcycle on this planet Ducati V4 during recent years.

Ducati on the other hand has had a rich history with three sons Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Cavalieri Ducati of Antonio Cavalieri Ducati started building their capabilities from 1926 so we could see Ducati V4  ” A New Opera ” .

A new chapter on how art in motorcycles could be defined with enormous power of 214 hp (157.5 kW) and aesthetically beyond par.

Our idea took months to evolve as we challenged ourselves on basic behavioral questions on art sequentially.

  • Is Art meant only for display?
  • Can Art be used on more important aspects of life?
  • Why cant we fuse art with motorcycles?
  • Why motorcycles because they are basic entities for us to commute.
  • Can a drawing collaborate with motorcycle? If yes How?
  • Why cant we put  famous ” Vitruvian Man “ by Leonardo Da Vinci on motorcycle?As Vitruvian Man also has its own significance in the history.
  • Why cant we select Ducati V4 we said to ourselves as V4 is aesthetically sleek very well build with sheer fantastic performance.

By asking these 8 basic questions to our ourselves we were clear as to what wanted to achieve.The idea was finalized and we started to work on creative aspects that took five iterations to bring this idea to fore.

  • First iteration was rough to get some level on confidence.
  • While looking at Second iteration we observed there were more lines of drawing on the black portion of image and we wanted to minimize those lines.
  • Third we missed bit of brightness on our creative image and we said it looks dull. So we made it more finer.
  • Fourth was near to final when we had our LivingWithGravity logo on the image.
  • Fifth iteration was the final.

” Vitruvian Man “

Two pioneers ( Da Vinci and Ducati) but with one objective to show what world is capable of achieving by showcasing technological mastery on how design and technology can collaborate to build magnificent and astounding art.

Now that being said again to go back to masters quote ” Art is never finished, only abandoned ” until someone touches it.


  • Idea : Comes from our Asia Pacific Head, Christopher who is also our genius ideator.
  • Creative : Our own Creative Head, Rahul Marathe who doesn’t stop thinking on how the art should be.
  • Article : Well Akash who is a motorcycle enthusiast and knows one or two things about motorcycles.

Pic Source of Vitruvian Man from

Akash Dolas

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